A Brief Introduction

I'm an entrepreneur and engineer specializing in web development and rapid prototyping for startups. I currently work for Liftopia. If you'd like to get in touch with me, send an email to b@bdoms.com or use the contact page.

This site is where I keep a running history of everything I work on. Feel free to browse through my projects, learn more about me, see what I'm writing these days, or even where I've been.

I'm also involved with some ongoing side projects:

  • Molibra - read free books on any mobile device
  • Staxup - compare products for online shopping
  • drawtunes - make music by drawing
  • Zen Otter - independent game development

The Latest From My Blog

Destiny is a Stroke of Pure Evil Genius

Destiny has been out for three weeks now and it seems safe to say that for most people the game is over. For anyone not interested in the hours and hours of grinding repetitive content required to move past level 20, the short, lackluster story can't have lasted even this...