A Brief Introduction

I'm an entrepreneur and engineer who enjoys working across disciplines. To get in touch with me send an email to b@bdoms.com or use the contact page.

This site is where I keep a running history of everything I work on. Feel free to browse through my projects, see what I'm writing these days, or even where I've been.

Here's some of my recent work:

  • Hexi.ai - we crawl the web to discover public data about people and organizations
  • Shurpa - logistics and scheduling for home healthcare
  • VeriSky - risk management and event planning for college and university groups
  • Nightflare - my first novel

The Latest From My Blog

Examining Common Claims About COVID-19 Vaccines

I want to take a closer look at some points I've seen floating around online about COVID-19 vaccines. I believe we should all be skeptical when presented with new claims, and investigate their merits. So I'm going to examine a...

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