A Brief Introduction

I'm an entrepreneur and engineer who loves working for startups. To get in touch with me send an email to b@bdoms.com or use the contact page.

This site is where I keep a running history of everything I work on. Feel free to browse through my projects, learn more about me, see what I'm writing these days, or even where I've been.

I'm also involved with some ongoing side projects:

  • Nightflare - my first novel
  • VeriSky - risk management and event planning for college and university groups
  • Staxup - compare products for online shopping
  • drawtunes - make music by drawing
  • Molibra - read free books on any mobile device

The Latest From My Travels

Lake Titicaca

For our final day in Peru we took a boat tour on Lake Titicaca.It is a massive body of water.Lake Titicaca is the South American version of a Great Lake. And it is, in fact, the largest lake on the continent, as well as the largest lake in the world...