I took so many pictures in and around the Hagia Sophia that it seemed a waste not to share more. So here's an extra post that's focused on just that. Enjoy!

Hagia Sophia Door

This is big, beautiful door is the main entrance into the central chamber.

Hagia Sophia Library

These are some really ornate windows separating the main hall from what was the library.

Hagia Sophia Modern Art Exhibit

As I mentioned in my last post, there was a modern art exhibit in the side halls while we were there. This was my favorite piece.

Hagia Sophia Chandelier

The chandeliers are just massive. And they're hanging from that incredibly tall ceiling by only a single cable. Impressive.

Hagia Sophia Empress Lodge

This is looking up at the Empress' Lodge, so called because it was her private viewing location. The rich got box seats, even back then.

Hagia Sophia Shadows

With only the chandeliers to complement the natural lighting some areas didn't have much ambient light. It made some artsy shots like this one possible.

Sultan Ahmet Mosque seen from inside the Hagia Sophia

There's a window on the top floor where you're high enough to actually see across the rooftops and catch a glimpse of the Sultan Ahmet Mosque poking out.

Hagia Sophia

One last exterior look. The Hagia Sophia is so solidly built and proportioned that it sometimes felt more like a fortress than anything else.

Stay tuned for next time when the fun continues in Turkey but we leave the big city behind!