After wrapping up the final details on the Facebook game I talked about in my previous post, I decided to do something even more ambitious: a totally new, Facebook game from scratch made by myself, in a one-week sprint where I focused on nothing else.

It may sound a little crazy, but I managed to pull it off, and I released it and blogged about it under the Zen Otter name. You can read all about it in excruciating detail with the whole nine post series on the Zen Otter site.

Since its release I've updated the game several times, continuing to try to make it better, but unless it gets a serious user base, it's essentially staying as it is. It was a fun experiment in rapid prototyping, coding skills, game design, and user testing, but I don't expect to retire off it.

The game is called Battlefriends. And it's as epic as it sounds. You can find out by playing it now.