Waiting is a situation we find ourselves in almost every day. It's a uniquely human phenomenon. Waiting for a bus, a haircut, a doctor's appointment - these are all places where we might find ourselves without having anticipated the need to bring along something with which to kill the time, such as a book or an e-book reader like the Kindle or Nook. Luckily our phones are always within arms reach nowadays. But if I'm all caught up on news and social networks, then what more is there to do with just a phone? Molibra is one answer to that question. It lets you read books on any mobile device for free.

Molibra has a huge database of works in the public domain, meaning that most books you would consider "classics" are available. There are also full browse and search mechanisms to help you find authors, books, and tags, which are like categories.

Molibra automatically keeps track of your reading progress per-book, and even supports swiping gestures for flipping pages naturally. I'm continuing to update the site, bringing in more books and improving the experience as time goes on.

So check out Molibra today! And be sure to let me know what you think.