Today is a red letter day. Most of the clients I've had since I started seriously doing contract work have projects that are either already launched, or so secret that I can't talk about them. Today, a group that I've been working with as something more than a contractor - perhaps a consultant with a stake - is launching its first product: a Facebook game.

Wild Beast Hunt is, from the official description:

A fun, passive game that is easy to start but hard to quit! Hunt for fierce & fluffy wild beasts throughout many exotic lands using an array of crazy rifles & uniquely powerful ammo. Earn diamonds and unlock access to never before seen wild beasts!

I'm really excited that this is finally out in the world for other people to try. You can play the game right now. Be sure to let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions, comments, or questions.



Looks like a fun concept for a lot of types....Always put a 'bookmark' button right at the top of the page to link to 'my' facebook. I couldn't find one.